Saturday 14 December 2013

Tubes bug & Quarries

The modified version of EE we are using has had a weird effect on EE chests (alchemical chest & condenser) whereby items do not stack correctly when fed in via pipes (e.g. from a quarry), this is being looked into and will hopefully be patched very soon, in the mean time please use a chest from the 'iron chests' mod, or use tubes instead of pipes wherever possible (a better option anyway). 

Please also note that players are currently able to place more than 1 quarry, however this is still against the rules, players found to have more than 1 quarry placed will receive a warning and the quarry (plus mined blocks) will be removed, you may also be banned from placing quarries.

If too many players abuse the limit issue we will have no choice but to ban quarries until we have a fix.

Need to check the rules on item limits etc? You can find all the info here...