Saturday 11 January 2014

Item Limits - Important

As some of you have noticed the item limiter has not been functioning for a while, please remember however that the limits still apply even if they are not automatically enforced!

The bug is being worked on but in the mean time I would ask that players do not intentionally go over the limits, which can be found here if you need a reminder...

Many of you probably remember the issues we had before the limiter and my worry is that at the present rate of issues occurring because of too many items (particularly EE blocks) the current world will not last more than a few months even if the limiter is working again soon so until the plugin dev can fix the issue limits will be enforced manually to minimise damage. 
What this means is that if a region is found to have an excessive number of limited items placed all of that block type will be cleared from the region and will not be returned to the player, if the items in question contain other items then those will also be lost, warnings will also be given in most cases.

If you know you are over one or more of these limits then please remove the excess items asap, if you have a confirmed 'lag-spot' near or in your region as a result of placing too many items such as MK3 Collectors this is likely to be unfixable and there is a chance that the chunk will regenerate during a future maintenance.

If you know of a player / area that should be looked into in this regard then please open a modreq, send a /mail to a member of staff or e-mail me so we can try and limit the long-term damage, thanks.