Wednesday 5 February 2014

Industrial Credits

I don't think anyone noticed but as they had no purpose I removed the crafting recipe for Industrial Credits quite some time ago, with the Trade signs being disabled I think this gives us the perfect use for them... a smaller value item for trades!

So as of now Industrial credits can be traded at the Admin Shops currency exchange and have a value of $10, so 15 Industrial Credits are worth 1 Industrial Diamond. 

This will making trading in trade-o-mats a lot more flexible and make selling smaller numbers of low value items possible.

In hindsight maybe $100 would have been a better value for the Industrial Diamond but it would be unfair on players storing money in the vault to change the value now so they will be staying the same at least until we have a map reset and everyone stands to lose the same percentage of their money (we will probably vote on it when the time comes).

Industrial Credit prizes will also be added to some of the Casino Slots very soon!