Wednesday 23 April 2014

Spawn Change Coming Soon

We don't anticipate needing a map reset for at least a few more months but for simplicity we have decided to have Spawn in a world of its own in future, similar to The Vault etc, this means that map resets can be done much quicker and that spawn would not have to be rebuilt every time we have a reset.

Work will begin on the new spawn shortly and we are likely to switch to using it before a reset is necessary, that way if a reset needs to happen at short notice we will be fully prepared. Based on player feedback we will also be returning to a simpler player shop system, I'll post more details on that soon, players with existing shops will be given time to clear them out and will be refunded the last weeks rent once the new spawn is ready.

To clarify the map is not resetting, a new spawn is being built in it's own world.