Monday 2 June 2014

New Spawn Coming 12th June

We will be switching to the new spawn on 12th June, this will involve a downtime of around 90 minutes, I'll announce the exact time this will happen nearer the time.

Just a reminder... the world is NOT resetting, spawn is just being relocated to a world of it's own and being given a new look!

Existing Shops:

Shops in the current malls are now being closed and made non-rentable as they become empty, please notify staff via /modreq when you are ready for your shop to be removed, you will still be able to retrieve items from shops in the current spawn until 19th June so there is no hurry to vacate shops. 


The casino will be closed from 10th June and I can announce that slot prizes and odds will be changing, including the $1 Million Super Slot Jackpot being reduced to $200,000 (new cost $150), this is still a huge prize and means that the slot will pay out far more often, the other slots will also be adjusted and rebalanced based on player feedback and statistics from the existing slots.

Will anyone else manage to win $1 Million before the switch? It's due to payout soon but who knows!