Friday 29 August 2014

Modpack Preview - Nether Enhancements

A lot of you will recognise some of the stuff in this screenshot if
you've come across the Natura & Biomes O' Plenty mods...

... but what about the flowers in front of Tatankore...
those are Blaze Flowers added by my main mod!

I created Blaze Flowers as I've personally always found it frustratingly 
hard to get hold of blaze powder or rods on a server, as usually someone 
has beaten you to the fortress and destroyed the only spawner!

There's also another one of my additions in the screenshot but
I won't mention that one for now, it has already appeared in
another screenshot in a slightly different form though!

Tatankore was also wearing armour in this screenshot so you
can get more of a feel for the HUD layout and information.