Saturday 16 August 2014

Modpack Previews

I will be adding regular previews of the pack from now until it's finally released!

We hit a major landmark with the modpack yesterday, 'Diggys Mobs' my second 
custom mod is now completely stable and has been added to the pack!

So here is the first of the regular previews...

Ever think the standard mobs are too easy to kill? 

Especially if you have a decent set of armour?

If so you'll love the challenge of this fairly rare mob...

He behaves much like a zombie but is always fully armoured,
faster, more aggressive and can take much more damage.

If your not well equipped and your unlucky enough to come across
one your going to want to run, there's no walking away from them! 

(And yes that's an altered Herobrine skin!)

For now the mod contains 5 mobs, 2 using a custom model and 
4 with custom sounds, I intend to add more in time 
though even after the modpack is released!