Saturday 14 February 2015

Server Closing Tomorrow

Just a reminder that the server will closing tomorrow at 9am (UK) tomorrow morning.

The shutdown will be automatic and a lot of maintenance will be running between now and then to tidy things up before the final backup, as this is likely to cause some lag I have reduced the maximum number of players from 30 to 16.

Someone brought to my attention this morning that I had accidentally put the 16th instead of 15th in a couple of places, the 16th being the renewal date for the hosting I had mixed my dates up a little so I apologise if this confused anyone!

Copies of the map/world

A few people have asked if it would be possible for me to make the main world available for download, this issue was raised last year when we reset the map and I can confirm that I will not be doing this. 

The main reason for this decision is that a number of players requested it, not wanting their builds to be made available for other players to copy and take credit for etc. I hope the players that requested a copy of the world can understand this and respect the reasons that some players were against the idea.