Tuesday 10 January 2017

Shop Changes

To address the concerns of a number of players I've made some further tweaks to the items available and prices in the shop.

While I realise this may frustrate a small number of players in the short term, most seem to understand the need to balance the economy for the long-term good of the server.

It's vital that the sell prices for different items/blocks are balanced to encourage a diverse range of activities in game, and obviously if something is upsetting that balance it needs to be addressed. 

It's also not always possible to foresee how players will use features and sometimes things are overlooked or don't work as expected, so although we'd love to get everything right first time it's simply not possible.

We've made huge progress in getting things balanced over the last few weeks and I'd like to thank everyone that's contributed by pointing out and reporting potential issues. Hopefully this will be last significant pricing change we need to make.