Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Shop Chests Have Arrived!

This is something that several players have asked for
and I'm pleased to say it's now ready!

Here's what you'll want to know...

  • Shop chests are managed using a single command, /shops
  • Shop Chests do not replace Essentials [trade] signs, you can only have a certain number of Shop Chests in total (as large numbers can cause lag).
  • Unlike [trade] signs you can easy sell items with lore/data values, like potions.
  • Players of any rank can buy from or sell to Shop Chests.
  • Only players of Citizen rank or above can create Shop Chests.
  • Limits increase with rank, up to a maximum of 32, details are on the Ranks page.
  • Setting either the Buy or Sell price to 0 allows to disable that option (it even gets removed from the hologram).
  • The holograms above Shop Chests are only visible up to 4 blocks away, the floating item is visible up to 16 blocks away. 
With player warps making it easier to set up public shops I hope players will find these a useful way of promoting special items or offers as well as making shops look more interesting.