Thursday 19 January 2017

Warps Are Here!

A few players have requested a way for them to create public warps, and after trying out several plugins I've finally found one that fits our needs!

I've completely disabled Essentials /warp, including removal of the commands, so the new plugin uses /warp without any issues just as players are used to. I've also added an alias, /warps, that will simply run /warp.

So, how does it all work? Here's what you'll need to know..
  • Everything is managed via the Warp GUI, brought up by doing /warp.
  • Players can set up to 2 private warps, which only they can use.
  • You need to be Citizen rank in order to create warps.
  • Creating a warp costs $1000, but you get 50% back if/when the warp is removed.
  • The cost decreases with rank, -40% for Lord, -60% for Legend, -80% for VIP's.
  • Players can request (via command) that staff approve the warp to become public.
  • In addition to the 2 private warps players can have up to 4 public warps. 
  • You can rename or revert your public warps back to private at any time.
To clarify this does not replace /home. 

Although you can use private warps as extra homes you will need one available to revert a public one back to private or for the creation of a new warp, the private warps are intended purely to allow you to create and try out warps before making them public.

I've updated all relevant sections of the website.