Saturday 11 March 2017

Minigames Have Arrived!

All the games are now enabled and I've updated the information at spawn!

The first time you win each game you'll be rewarded with $1000!

After that prizes are chosen randomly from a selection including
 Cookies, Emeralds & Diamonds!

Here's a little sneak peak at what's available...

PvP Arena

For 2-16 players. 

It's the standard last man standing style setup, kill everyone else before they kill you!

Desert Infection

For 4-16 players.

Players are divided into 'Infected' & 'Survivors', Infected players must kill the Survivors to win, but if they win instead! Remaining time is shown on your exp bar.

Fort CTF

For 4-16 players.

Players are divided into two teams, Red & Blue, each spawning in their own fort with a range of items and regenerating chests.

The aim is to capture your opponents flag by clicking the "Flag" signs in their fort and then returning it to your own fort and clicking the "Flag Capture" sign.

The first team to capture their opponents flag 5 times wins!

Race Run  (Biome Run & Danger Run)

Biome Run: 2 players.
Danger Run: 2-6 players.

Minigame fun without any PvP, it couldn't be simpler... get to the end first!

Spleef (Quick Spleef & MultiSpleef)

Both for 2-8 players.

Quick Spleef is a standard, single floor spleef arena, players start with a diamond shovel and must break the snow floor to make their opponents fall into the lava below! After around 60 seconds the floor starts to disappear, starting with the outer blocks and moving in towards the centre. 

Multi Spleef adds a couple of twists; 
  • Players begin divided into pairs, each in a small room above the main arena.
  • When players fall into the main arena they can break the snow above and below, meaning they can fight others on the same floor but also make players still in the smaller rooms fall.
  • After around 60 seconds the floor randomly disappears one block at a time (both layers).

PvP is disabled for both spleef games so the only way to win is to make your opponent fall.

Thanks to everyone who helped with testing and suggesting tweaks, if you experience any issues or have suggestions please do let me know!