Wednesday 8 March 2017

PvP, Explorables & Minigames

As most of you have probably noticed some new signs have appeared at spawn...

The signs on the left clarify where PvP is allowed, and explain about the new explorable features being added to the new 'Adventure' world. Although only one explorable ("Deep Burn") is finished the next one should be ready soon. I know others have got ideas in the works too so I'm excited to see what you come up with!

A lot of new players have asked about a PvP arena so I've given that priority for now. 

As we've had some form of PvP/Minigame world since the early days of DiggyMinecraft I decided to go a bit further and bring back some old favourites that I had saved! Here's a little more info on what's coming...
  • PvP Arena (2 to 16 players) - A completely new build inspired in part by a design I saw recently on a minigame server, it's pretty self explanatory.. last man standing wins! The build is complete and I'm really happy with how it turned out.
  • Desert Infection (4 to 16 players) - This has been copied over from the old DiggyVerse GameWorld, although I've tweaked the design a little. Essentially a game of "tag" Infected players must catch the others to infect them, infect all the other players or survive until the time is up to win!
  • CTF Fort (4 to 16 players) - This one is also copied over from the old DiggyVerse GameWorld, but has been had a complete makeover. I've added more detail to the build and added extra ways of defending/attacking your fort. For those who don't know CTF means Capture The Flag. Basically you need to get into the other teams fort, click a sign to steal their flag and return it to your fort without getting killed!
  • Race Run (2 to 6 players) - The final minigame copied over from the old DiggyVerse GameWorld, it's had a couple of minor tweaks but has essentially been kept the same. With two courses to choose from it couldn't be simpler, first to the end wins!
  • Spleef (2 to 8 players) - A completely new build, with two arenas to choose from, this is the last one being built and is already close to being finished. Use the shovel to break the snow and make the other player/s fall into the lava before you do, simple!
Although most of the building is done it takes a surprising amount of time to get the games fully set up so it will be at least a few more days. If you're interested in helping to test them be sure to be on the server this weekend (UK afternoon/evening time).