Wednesday 8 May 2013

Item Limits Reinstated

As some of you know we have always had limits on the number of certain items that players can place as an anti grief / lag measure, but before the switch to the new hosting company we lifted some of those limits to see if players use the items sensibly. 

The problems which led to the switch-over made it difficult to assess whether the items were being used in a way which would cause problems so we decided to carry on with the trial on the new server, leaving only the following limits in place as they were on the old server:

Doors (all types), Trapdoors, Pistons (all types), Timer & Sequencer

However after two weeks and with the enhanced logging our new host provides it has become clear that the limits are necessary, over the past week we have had 2-3 crashes per day that would not have occurred had the limits still been in place.

We have therefore brought back the limits for:

Energy Collectors (all types), Antimatter Relays (all types), Condensers, Solar Panels & Arrays (All Types)

However the limits for some items have been doubled:

Antimatter Relay (Mk3):     Old Limit - 32, New Limit - 64
Energy Collector (Mk3):     Old Limit - 64, New Limit - 128
Condenser:                       Old Limit - 32, New Limit - 64
Solar Array (HV):               Old Limit - 64, New Limit - 128

Players who have already placed items in excess of these limits will be allowed to keep them as long as they are not causing issues, however they will not be able to place more of any given item until they remove enough to bring them back below the limit, for example if you have 128 placed and the limit is 64 you would need to remove 65 before you could place 1 and removing all 128 would allow you to place 64.