Wednesday 22 May 2013

Protection Stones Changes

I've made some improvements to the Protection Stones plugin as follows:

I fixed limit by rank! The new limits are:

New Builder   - 1   (5041 Surface blocks)
Member         - 2   (10082 Surface blocks total)
Member+       - 3   (15123 Surface blocks total)

If you are a New Builder and already have two stones placed then don't worry you will get to keep them, but if you remove the second stone you won't be able to place it again until you are promoted! 

I've also blocked stones from being placed in The Nether & The End.

Finally I've created the 'Protection Sponge', which will be included in the choice of prizes offered for winning challenges if the winner is Member+ rank or above, as the name suggests it's a sponge block that protects an area... but the cool bit is that the area is more than twice that of a normal protection stone, 111x111 (12321 Surface blocks). Only one 'Protection Sponge' can be placed per player and only the person it is originally given to will be able to place it, it will also count as one of your 3 stones (giving you 22403 Surface blocks total).

If you are wondering how these new limits measure up for a VIP, the VIP region also counts as a stone giving limits of:

VIP Region Only                         - (63001 Surface blocks total)
VIP Region + 1 Stone                  - (68042 Surface blocks total)
VIP Region + 2 Stones                - (73083 Surface blocks total)
VIP Region + 1 Stone + Sponge  - (80363 Surface blocks total)