Wednesday 22 May 2013

Temporary Whitelist

As I'm sure you all know Tekkit Classic and pretty much all related plugins are no longer in development, I don't have a great deal of experience with Java/YAML but I am working on a few tweaks and fixes for some of the simpler plugins, most of it is behind the scenes stuff but it will require the occasional bit of downtime to test!

To this end I'm putting a whitelist in place this morning to test a modified version of one of our plugins, I expect it to be in place for around 15 minutes and will post an update here when it's removed or if I need a little more time. The whitelist will be applied in around 1 hour.

UPDATE: 09:45 - I expect to remove the whitelist at around 10:00 UK time (15 minutes from now)
UPDATE: 10:00 - Whitelist will be removed any minute, I'm just tidying up!
UPDATE: 10:05 - Whitelist removed!