Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Hosting Fees Paid!

I've now paid our hosting fees for the period 18th July - 18th October!

Thanks to the VIPs that have already renewed we are already well on the way to covering this quarters costs, thanks guys!

A reminder e-mail is going out today to existing VIPs that have not yet renewed.

Due to multiple requests I've decided to extend the VIP renewal period to Friday 19th July, meaning that donations will open to everyone on Saturday 20th July, this is for the benefit of both VIPs, by giving them more time to renew, and people wishing to become VIPs that have school, work or other commitments during the week.

VIP donations will open to everyone on Saturday 20th July at around 12am (UK time).

In future donations will always open to everybody on the Saturday following the 18th.

Update: 15:30 - All renewal reminders have now been sent! Don't forget to let me know asap if you didn't receive yours for any reason!

Update: As of 22:00 18th July - 5 / 12 VIP slots are taken.

Further updates will appear on a subsequent post and not here.