Wednesday 17 July 2013

Changes To Marble End

The central building in Marble End has had a major overhaul!

The redesign was for several reasons;

1) Reduce spawn camping / killing.
2) Reduce exit camping / killing.
3) Increase maximum enchantment levels.

The changes;

1) When you enter Marble End you will spawn in the 3rd floor of the building, which is set to non-PvP, from there you will have a choice of 4 portals which will spawn you 15-20 blocks from the central building in one of four different directions.

2) The exit from the world is still on the 2nd floor of the building but is now double sided, with each side segregated from the other, effectively giving two exits. You get to the exit rooms using ladders from the ground floor.

3) The enchanting room has been split in half in the same way to the exit portal floor, giving two enchanting areas each boosted by 12 bookcases instead of 8. As before you get to these rooms using ladders from the ground floor.

This might sound complicated but will make a lot more sense once you check it our for yourself, enjoy!