Monday 15 July 2013

VIP Renewal - Reminder

Just a reminder that you have 2 days from today to renew before donations open to everyone, let me know asap if you need the email containing your donation link resent!

Remember the discounted links are valid until 17th July.

The total number of VIPs is limited to 12 so once donations open to everybody on the 18th (this Thursday) there is no guarantee you will be able to renew!

The free items for renewing your VIP status will be waiting for you in your chalet when VIP Island opens on the 18th July (unless individual arrangements have already been made).

An email reminder will be sent to VIPs who have not yet renewed before the links expire.

Update: As of 09:00 17th July - 4 / 12 VIP slots are taken.

Further updates will appear on a subsequent post and not here.