Friday 27 September 2013

Casino Slots Now Open!

The Casino Slots building on spawn Island is now officially open!

You'll find 9 different slots, with 4 main themes:

Economy Slots - Mostly money or exp prizes.

Tech Slots - Mostly machine or exp prizes.

Danger Slots - Big money prizes, with some nasty surprises.

SuperSlot - Mainly money prizes with a huge $1 Million top prize!

There is a screen with basic instructions in the Slots building.

They are very easy to operate, just interact with the note block as follows:

left-click - pay & roll the slots
right-click - see a list of prizes

The cost of playing varies from slot to slot from $10 for the basic Economy Slot to $250 for the SuperSlot.

The reward for voting has also been doubled to 2 Industrial Diamonds to get more money moving into the economy!

We are working on other ways to get money moving around the economy so watch this space!

If anyone has a big win then please send us a screenshot!