Friday 27 September 2013

New Warning System

To help communication between staff we've set up a new plugin that freaksdesign found to handle player warnings, we will be using it from today.

The punishments are handled automatically and for the most part are what we already do, with the addition of fines for first & second warnings...

Punishments increase for every warning a player receives:

1st Warning - $250 Fine
2nd Warning – $500 Fine
3rd Warning – 10 minutes in Jail.
4th Warning – 20 minutes in Jail (burn).
5th Warning – Indefinitely Jailed.

If your balance is less than the fine then it will go 'overdrawn' or negative.

If you're indefinitely Jailed you'll need to talk to either DiggyWig or DigginChickin in game or via e-mail to appeal to be released, in some situations you may be banned at this point. If you are released then any further warnings will jail you indefinitely again.

Staff are allowed to use their own discretion, if they feel something is serious enough (proven griefing, players who join just to spam etc) then they may indefinitely jail a player with no previous warnings, or in the case of Moderators  go straight to a ban.

If you receive a warning you think is unfair, send us an e-mail and in some circumstances (a misunderstanding for example) we may remove it for you. Similarly if you have a warning or two but then turn it around and stick to the rules etc we will be happy to consider clearing your warnings history.