Monday 9 September 2013

Downtime & Bug Fixes

The server will be down from 8:30am for a full backup and to test a plugin upgrade which includes some bug fixes.

Sorry for the late notice but I only got the upgrade today and as it contains some small but important fixes & changes and Mondays are always quiet I decided to just go for it this morning.

The server will be back up as soon as I've tested everything, I'm hopeful that this will be by around 10am, but if something goes wrong or takes longer than expected it could be as late as midday, I'll update here once I know more.

UPDATE: 08:30 - The server is now down.
UPDATE: 09:10 - Full backup has completed.
UPDATE: 10:00 - Testing has mostly gone well, but looking into a potential problem.
UPDATE: 10:30 - Made a couple of adjustments, server should be back up very soon!
UPDATE: 10:55 - Server is coming back up now!