Monday 9 September 2013

Fixes & Changes

The changes today contained quite a few fixes, mostly behind the scenes stuff (less console spam, yay!), but here's a couple of fixes that I know many players, including staff, will be very happy about:

Timers etc - The minimum time is now 1.5 again instead of 1.6, you'll need to manually lower any currently set to the old default of 1.6 seconds.

Quarries - One of our oldest bugs has finally been squashed, you can still only place 1 quarry at a time, but you can now pick up and replace it as many times as you want.

Project Table & RM Furnace:
Another change made this morning has almost eliminated console spam created by blocking these dupes, so they are now restricted to Member rank or above rather than Member+.

/help Command:
This command is now enabled for all ranks but restricted to just showing commands for the plugin 'Essentials' for everyone except Admins, unfortunately for other plugins it was showing every possible command (25 pages!) whether you had permission to use them or not.