Tuesday 15 October 2013

New Help Ticket System

I can't always deal with help requests by e-mail or /mail as quickly as I'd like, and if I'm away or can't login for any reason it can take a while for me to pass on information to Moderators to deal with issues, so I'm introducing an in-game support ticket system!

Bear in mind that this system will take a little getting used to but it is up and running as of now and your issues should be dealt with much faster using this system.

Please note however that to prevent abuse we have limited this system to Member rank or above at least for the time being (this may change in the future), New Builders can still use the /helpop command to request help from an online staff member.

I've added the relevant commands to the website and updated the staff handbooks accordingly, hopefully this will make everyones life on the server a little easier!