Monday 4 November 2013

Down For Maintenance

The server is now down for scheduled maintenance;

  1. Full backup / clone - Done
  2. Removal of the multiple inventory plugin and all related data - Done 
  3. Removal of Halloween Challenge Map - Done 
  4. Apply a couple of glitch prevention patches to mod files -  Done
  5. Upgrade of TekkitRestrict - Done
  6. Removal of banned item plugin and all related data -  Done
  7. Switch to TekkitRestrict's new banned / restricted item system -  Done
I'll update here as I go, the server should be open again by 10:30-11:00am (UK time).

Update: 10:45 - Just investigating a glitching in-world item, shouldn't take long!
Update: 11:00 - All done, whitelist has been removed!