Saturday 9 November 2013

Minigame World: Update

Testing is now officially open to all ranks!

Changes / fixes:

Made the parkour just a tiny bit easier as one bit was puzzling virtually everyone, also added quit signs at start and half way checkpoint.

Added a couple of signs to the main lobby building so that Member+ players or above can set the time in that world to 'Day'.

The PvP setting has been fixed for all the lobby areas.

Marble End is no longer team based, sadly this proved to have too many compatibility issues with Minecraft 1.2.5 so we've made it a standard last man standing deathmatch instead. It's still 4-16 players and you can still buy virtually every weapon somewhere in the game for exp, but the player starting positions are now far more spread out and the bases / HQ's have been modified to be less safe, this game will likely be tweaked more over the next few days.

The minigames at spawn are now disabled and if all goes ok they will be removed next week when we switch permanently to the minigame world.