Tuesday 12 November 2013

Player Portals Closing - Warps Coming

As some of you already noticed I have closed off unused player portals, just to confirm, no new player portals will be assigned to players.

Existing player portals will be closed / removed over the next week and replaced with warp signs, the Portal Hub will become the Portal / Warp Hub for now and warp signs will be on the main wall of what is currently the player portal area.

Other than clicking a sign rather than walking through a portal things will basically stay the same and Member+ players can request a warp easily using modreq, i.e. '/modreq Can I have a warp here please!', as it records  the coordinates the ticket was opened at!

We will lose the ability to set a minimum rank but to be honest hardly anyone used this option and players just got around it by tp'ing to someone else. One major advantage is that the setting up of new warps is a lot simpler and can be done in seconds once the destination is approved, Moderators will therefore also be able to handle warp set up requests themselves without any Admin involvement.

To clarify though, no new warps will be created until the existing Player Portals have been changed over and the portal hub has been modified, which should be in a few days. The World Portals, Vault Portal etc will remain as they are until we switch to the new multi-world plugin.