Tuesday 10 December 2013

1 Month Free For VIPs

As you all should know by now VIP is going annual and the price is being set as £20 for 2014, unfortunately the renewal date falls on January 14th though, which I felt was probably too close to Christmas to expect everyone to be able to afford it, however...

Thanks to a player that wishes to remain anonymous for now all existing VIP players will get the Month of January FREE as the entire cost for that month has been covered, so the hosting renewal will be 14th February instead!

I'm respecting the players request to remain anonymous but if you would like to leave them a thank you message please do so on this post.

Not only does what they have done give VIP's a free month but it drastically improves the chances of raising next years hosting fees in time for when I need to step down as Admin so the contribution is also a big step towards securing the servers future!