Monday 9 December 2013

The New World Is Here!

Well it took 12 hours but it's finally done!

You'll notice quite a few changes across the site and the information in all the sections have been updated with the changes (let me know if I missed anything!).

Protection Stones

The area of the standard stones has been decreased to 51x51, however New Builders can now place 2 of them and Member rank and above can place 4. Premium stones have stayed the same,

VIP stones have been introduced in place of VIP regions, two have been put into each VIP Chalet for existing VIPs!


Shops will not be available to rent Friday unless you had a store in the old mall, in which case open a modreq with the shop ID you would like to reserve.

BuyCraft / Donator Rank

The packages are not activated but will be very soon, watch this space!

There are quite a few other small changes but I think that covers the most important ones for now, with so many changes there are bound to be a few bumps to be worked out so please be patient while we get things back to normal.

There will be a Quick Exchange in the Admin store for the next few days paying $10,000 instead of the usual $9600 for a stack of 64 Industrial Diamonds!