Thursday 3 April 2014

Scheduled Maintenance

The server is down to perform the following maintenance:

  1. Full backup / clone - Done.
  2. Remove old log/backup data - Done.
  3. Test small maintenance change - Done.
  4. Reset Nether & End - Done.

Scheduled Downtime:

Date: 3rd April 2014
Started: 08:30 (UK)
Finished: 10:15 (UK)

Update: added 30 minutes to end time, my internet connection is quite a bit slower than usual!
Update: added 15 minutes to end time, decided to reset Nether & End whilst testing the maintenance change as it's a little overdue and will only take a few extra minutes.
Update: Almost done, whitelist will only be on for another 5-10 minutes!
Update: The whitelist is now off and you can connect to the server!