Thursday 9 October 2014

Modpack Update - Finalizing Mods

I got a message from one of the modders I hadn't heard back from and they have given me permission to include their mod!

This means that we now have permission for 62 of the 63 mods we intended to include, I had already removed the two mods we didn't have permission for but it's fairly easy to add this one back so I'll be doing that tomorrow. 

The last mod we wanted permission for includes world generation so cannot be added in once the main world is generated, we will be regenerating it just before opening to players for testing so if we do get permission before then I may re-add it, for now though I'm assuming it will not be included.

However, the number of mods will stay at 63 because I have added a third small mod I have been working on, 'DiggysAlphabet'. Basically all it adds is letter and number blocks in a similar style as the DiggyVerse logo, for use at spawn etc, here's a little preview: