Thursday 9 October 2014

Survey Results

Thanks once more to all those who completed the survey, in the end it was completed by an impressive 123 players!

For those who are interested here's a summary of the feedback and how it has and will affect the future of DiggyMinecraft:

How long have you played on the DiggyMinecraft Tekkit Classic server?

49% had played for longer than 1 year, 42% for 1 month to 1 year and 9% for less than a month.

What age range are you in?

As I expected this was very spread, with virtually equal numbers of players in the age ranges covering 11 to 24 (89% in total), just 2% below age 10, and a total of 9% aged 25 or above.

Have you donated towards server costs in the past or would you consider donating?

21% of players had donated at some point in the past, with all but 3 planning to renew next year. 
Of those that haven't donated in the past 62% said they would consider donating in the future.

What modpack do you currently play the most?

This one was very interesting, no players selected Tekkit A New Frontier, Tekkit Lite, Voltz or a custom pack. 35% said they play vanilla the most, 22% Tekkit Classic, 24% FTB, 18% Attack Of The B-Team, and 1% said another built-in pack.

Will you be playing on the new DiggyVerse modpack/server?

82% of players said yes, 18% said maybe, and not a single player said no!

If you could pick any one mod, plugin or feature to be included in the DiggyVerse modpack what would it be?

Responses to this where extremely varied, with over 40 different mods/plugins suggested!
Several people wanted protection stone style land protection, I'm pleased to say it will virtually the same system, but with some extra features such as plots within Towns/Cities.
Several people asked for Treecapitator, Biomes O' Plenty, BiblioCraft, Carpenters Blocks and Balkons Weapon Mod, all of which are already included in the modpack!
Several people asked for The Spice Of Life together with a food mod, we already had a really good food mod included and after looking at this we decided it fitted really well with the pack and so it has now been included!
A few people wanted Mo' Creatures, which I would have loved to include, but the author has refused to allow any player made modpack to include it so this is not possible. Some include it anyway but we have made a point of respecting modders and only including mods we have permission to use, apart from just being 'the right thing to do' including a mod without the modders permission could lead to a server shutdown request to our hosting company and would result in several other modders withdrawing their permission.
A few individuals wanted machine based mods, such as Thermal Expansion, but as stated before the pack will include some basic machines (such as those included with Metallurgy 3 and Hopper Ducts) but will not include advanced machine based mods.

Given that Tekkit Classic is pretty old now and becoming less popular should we continue to host it beyond 2014?

This was very split, with 31% thinking we should continue to host it, 34% thinking we should close it in February, 6% thinking we should close it at the end of the year and 29% being unsure.
Because it was so close I'll run another poll later in the year to make the final decision on this one.

If the Tekkit Classic server was to close what should we do instead?

More than half of players, 59%, think we should just focus on the modpack. 18% think we should run an automatic game server, 9% think we should bring back the old events server, 4% think we should run a more up to date official modpack and 10% think we should run a vanilla server.
Based on this if the Tekkit Server does close in February we will probably just focus on the modpack, downgrade the Tekkit Classic server and use it for testing mods etc for the modpack.

Use this box to enter any other feedback you have! (optional)

Thanks for all the positive feedback and messages, they really are appreciated. A few bizarre random messages where also left here which did literally make me laugh out loud so thanks!