Wednesday 9 July 2014

Server stuck on 10 players maximum

The management interface update this morning has resulted in a weird bug which since the last restart won't let the maximum number of players go above 10, FragNet are looking into this now, which is likely to involve at least one restart, possibly without much notice.

I'll update here once it's fixed!

Update 18:45: It's due to something odd going on with the McMyAdmin license, for some reason it keeps reverting to 'Personal Edition' which is limited to 10 players, also, sorry about the broadcast every 5 minutes!

Update 20:20: Server Down - Fragnet are going to back up the server, reinstall McMyAdmin, and then restore everything, the server shouldn't be down for more than an hour or so.

Update 22:45: We had some issues with player data but this has now been resolved and the server is back up!